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January 2017

 Top Tips on healthy eating this winter

The Greekdiet has evolved into one of the healthiest in the world, with its foundationsbuilt on simple, nutritious food that offer a host of health benefits. Theseimmunity boosting ingredients help to fight against heart disease, cancers,diabetes, and cognitive decline.

Here aresome tips from GRK Fresh Greek’s Business Head Andres Gonzales, on how to gethealthy the Greek way, leading up to the holiday season.


The best of GRK Fresh Greek

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The Greeksconsume their food in the purest form, with a variety of nutrient-rich recipesconsisting of raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, and a small amountof cheese and yoghurt. Dairy products, poultry and fish are consumed inmoderation, whilst red meat consumption is kept to a minimum. These elementsare key to a balanced, healthy diet.

GRK FreshGreek offers a range quality produce imported from Greece, including extravirgin olive oil, pure and natural Greek honey and Greek yoghurt, with thehighest quality local meats, fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, in order todeliver an authentic dining experience.

Snackon fruits and vegetables

GRK Fresh Greek’s Aged Feta and WatermelonSalad

Fill up onfresh fruit and vegetables, native to the Mediterranean landscape. Thisincludes fruits such as apples, oranges, lemons, apricots; and vegetables suchas eggplants, artichokes, leafy greens, tomatoes, and cabbage. The high levelsof antioxidants in these foods help fight against diseases that affect thenervous system, and generally contribute towards good health.

GRK Fresh Greek’s Portobello Mushroom Pita

GRK offer arange of mouth-watering vegetarian options, including flavourful, fresh salads,Portobello mushroom Pita, Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Souvlaki, pairedperfectly with fresh Tzatziki sauces and healthy sides such as Brown Rice,Aegean Slaw and Grilled Halloumi.

Prepareyour meals the traditional way

GRK Fresh Greek’s Chicken Yeero Plate

GRK’s menualso offers a range of delicious and authentic meat based dishes, which areprepared using traditional healthy methods, such as chargrilling or roasting ona traditional vertical spit. Greek people are famous for their love of oliveoil, which contains less saturated fat than butter and is a healthy choice forcooking. Other traditional seasonings include nuts, tahini, garlic, herbs,cinnamon and cloves, which add an intense flavour to dishes without fat orsodium and supports nutrient absorption.

GRK FreshGreek’s iconic Yeero is prepared using all natural, grass and grain-fed meat,marinated in a special blend of aromatic spices and fresh herbs, served with arange of unique house-made Tzatzikis.

Stickwith healthy carbohydrates

GRK Fresh Greek’s Meatballs with Rice

Whole grainbreads, rice and potatoes are the ideal carbohydrate choice as part of Greekcuisine, with another popular choice including Filo dough, which is a lightflaky pastry.

The Greekdiet is rich in fibre which helps slow down digestion and prevent surges inblood sugar and supports the combat of diabetes.

Includehealthy servings of yogurt and cheese

GRK Fresh Greek’s Yoghurt with toppings

Greek yogurthas become a diet staple in most households today and has a number of healthproperties. Consuming Greek yoghurt is a great way to get more protein into thediet. It is also packed with probiotics which are great for the digestivesystem. GRK Fresh Greek imports its yogurt from Greece, which is served with avariety of fruits, traditional preserves, nuts and pure and natural Greekhoney.

Cheese isalso a rich part of Greece’s culinary history, with Feta cheese being the mostpopular local option. Feta cheese is vitamin rich and serves as a low fat andprotein-rich alternative to other cheeses. GRK Fresh Greek’s house made lentilsoup is made with a lentil puree and Greek yoghurt, topped with Feta and freshmint, incorporating the best of dairy from Greece.

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